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Where Can I Find Stock Photos of People, Animals, Etc., In Endless Positions?

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  • Where Can I Find Stock Photos of People, Animals, Etc., In Endless Positions?

    I would like to find an online source of people (parcticularly women), and animals (particularly jaguars) in every position imaginable. Does anyone know of such a place?
    ​Or is there software that aids an artist in creating these characters in limitless poses? Thanks.

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    No idea what the learning curve is:


    I'd post one for women, but your search parameter leads me to suspect you might get some fairly NSFW imagery that way.
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      So, here's the question, are you looking for images like that of people, animals, etc. for reference (if so, what PD posted would work pretty well.) Or, do you need it for some sort of final product where you would need to license the photography. Something like this (I searched for multiple exposure or motion exposure)

      Or in some cases, like this Tihnkstock example, if you search for something and then click "more form this photographer" you can find the same person in multiple poses sometimes:

      Or ... lastly ... you could hire a photographer to take multiple shots of the same people, animals, etc.

      Once again, it's hard to say exactly what you need. Perhaps you can clarify.
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        Yeah, for my illustration work I tend to ask friends and family to stand a particular way if I'm trying to sort out the foreshortening, then just snap with iPhone. They're used to it. I also have a very extensive old-school paper morgue and some books that show models in various poses.
        Animals, you just have to find the right reference photo. Once you understand anatomy and foreshortening, you can usually do without the reference.
        The Atlas of Foreshortening is a good book series.
        Also Visualizing Muscles.

        But if this is for composition art where you need a license, that is totally different.






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