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Graphic Designer = Sign Designer?

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  • Graphic Designer = Sign Designer?

    Graphic Designer = Sign Designer?
    Often, not so much. Or at least not right away.
    With the sudden interest in designing faux office mockups and the 2D 3D design projects we've seen here recently,
    here is a quick, way too short, article by a man in the sign industry explaining how to turn a willing graphic designer into a sign designer.
    Note the graphic designer has to be willing. And have initiative.

    Be sure to click on the image bar under the article. It tells you those 10 interview questions (right on the money) as well as some other interesting things.

    I had a laugh at the ''go to the mall'' thing. If I go to a mall, I'm usually looking at signs while there. Just the other day I saw a donor wall installation in an office building that made me walk over to see 'how'd they do that.' LOL. (it was kinda disappointing up close.)

    The main point is designing something that is buildable. Things can look great on the monitor, but when it comes to making it in space, laws of physics come into play.

    There's a new article out this month where he talks more in depth on this topic. I'll post a link to the longer one if it becomes available on line.
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