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    Am in UK, but my question isn't Continent related. So hope I may get some useful feedback.
    Am a Pre-Press Op about to go Self employed artworking. Now, seeing as I don't have a portfolio or database of work, I can't check back to get any answers for this: (except to say all those without a knowledge of back end don't spend nearly enough time on finished artwork!)

    How much time allocation would you put to Print design/artworking jobs (more from scratch). I've done some RnD stuff in past for Corp ID & drum about 6-8hrs if I'm Finicky. But for other run of mill, Stationery, Brochures etc how do you allocate a timescale which would be indicative to your quoted price?

    Also, how would people approach the issue of pricing. Fixed Hourly rate, no matter the client or by budget? Should I ask to work within the budget knowing full well I'll probably get Screwed on price...

    Hope for any useful info as I realise this is a 'how long is a length of string' request...





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