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  • Monitor Calibration

    Hey All, I just bought a new laptop and I want to try and get it to display colors as acurately as possible. Its my understanding that Pantone makes a product to do so but before I went and spent money on something, I wanted to see what kind of things you guys where doing, if anything at all. Thanx!
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    Ilustrator Tracing and Typing Within a Path
    HI All,

    I was trying to recreate the following image in Illustrator. I wanted to trace over the image and take out the text used for the neighborhoods but it's taking me a while. Can someone...
    Today, 02:47 PM
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    Comment on My first piece for critiquing
    It's especially the type with the ampersand behind it, but other issues contribute to the legibility problem throughout.

    You've used four different typefaces. It's not a hard-and-fast rule,...
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    Reply to How to make lace with illustrator?
    Most lace is a repeat pattern. Once you get the corner block and a running block done, it's all gravy from there... Getting it to work as a brush must take some skillz. I wouldn't want to try it, not...
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    Reply to InDesign, transparency, PDFs and Acrobat's Optimizer
    I'm not quite understanding why a 76mb 12 page doc would fail on your printer's end. That, to me anyway, is small for so many pages.
    I'd be more concerned about your boss being really mad for missing...
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    Reply to Feedback Please. Thank you.
    Or book covers?

    A poster generally communicates an idea and has a call to action. If these are posters to sell these two books, they are a fail.

    The illustrations...
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