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Looking for CD gui examples

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  • Looking for CD gui examples

    Hi anyone know some sites that show many examples of CD GUI's? just want to have a look at a couple so I can get some design ideas for my own interactive cd GUI

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    As far as I know, a lot of people use what they have for their website, but everything is set to a much higher quality rather than being optimized for web. I'd look around at the following sites with links to online portfolios

    You might get some ideas that way.






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      Hi John and welcome to GDF.

      I agree with your teacher - there's a lot going on in these. I think getting rid of some of the sub-heading text (if that was even an option) would have been...
      Today, 01:33 PM
    • Cosmo
      Reply to Feedback for my college project
      I get an error trying to see the larger images, but from what I see on the smaller images, I agree with your teacher. It does look cluttered and the heirarchy is weird. It doesn't direct your eye around...
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      Right. If the blue and green are too bright, it quickly gets tacky, but kept darker and subdued like the red you've got going, I think they'd be sweet, and it would serve as one more visual cue to facilitate...
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      That is absolutely something to keep in mind. I've never been a big fan of suits that aren't red or black, but it does present some options. Thanks!
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      Reply to Whats the point of this forum? No point
      You want a serious discussion?

      I'm game, how about you?
      Today, 11:47 AM

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