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    Books! Those paper things that were around before the Google mindset ruined a generation of designers.

    I'm looking for excellent typography books. Currently I am finishing Bringhurst's "Elements of Typographic Style," and would like something to follow up with.

    I'm about to pick up the "Looking Closer" (1-4) series...

    Any other suggested reading? Not just for typography - but great books you've read in general. I'm not looking for annuals and simple case study showcase books - but rather critical writings on graphic design.

    I have access to OhioLink, a college resource that links like 100+ colleges in the state of Ohio through their libraries, so I can pretty much recieve any book. So - price is not an object.

    I recieved Jeff Fisher's book from some tiny school in northeastern Ohio! That was a great read for a student.

    Someone should move this to the resources forum "quick like a bunny" before I feel dumb =/
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    some good links here.. though you'll have to scroll down a ways.
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      The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd


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        1ST, I just picked up a book last night called "Graphic Design That Works" the cool thing i like about this is it's a case by case study of real world logos, brochures, magazines and layouts and why they work. And they are popular things that we all know, not garbage.

        I also recently picked up a book called "Advertising Concepts & Copy" it goes into more depth about what goes into making an ad than any book I've ever seen. Whether you make ads or not I think it's a valuable resource.
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