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  • rosserx
    Reply to guitars
    This is the image I wanted in my previous post....
    Today, 09:20 PM
  • Mr.Mag00
    Reply to Ungrouping doesn't work in Ai
    The gradient is already made! I did create gradients. I may not remember exactly how to do it but I'm not trying to create a gradient here. I have 2 images. Both of them have the 3-part object, each...
    Today, 06:55 PM
  • PrintDriver
    Reply to Critique for my own logo.
    your gray shadow on the dog is the exact same contrast as the green lettering. Where they overlap the letters are illegible.
    What's it look like in black and white? (no grayscale)
    Today, 06:40 PM
  • designzombie
    Comment on Design Management | Graduate Student (SCAD)
    Then the grad program should be titled "Design Process Management." And the principles of good design aren't any more relevant to print than they are to electronic media.
    Today, 06:02 PM
  • farmgeek
    Reply to Critique for my own logo.
    this version has eyes, nose, mouth knocked out. Dog reflected and moved over......
    Today, 05:06 PM
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  • my site

    ok, so for my first link, i'll post my personal site - just uploaded it on the weekend, infact:
    what do you think?

    the concept:
    non-mainstream style site, which doesn't directly act as a "hey-look-at-my-work-so-please-contact-me-for-a-quote" kind of site. it's meant to be more experimental.

    also, along a similar theme, i designed this forum skin:

    thoughts and comments?


  • #2
    its cool but it bugs my eyes out....on the right side mostly

    its experimental but its really not all that experimental....its been done before....

    check out the works on thats experimental.....

    JUST LAUNCHED - - check it out


    • #3
      yes, if you are speaking about the one and only joshua davis [praystation], then we find ourselves in a different zone...he is a master of Flash. but, my site isn't's merely a flat html site with css, and some nice experimental art/design/photography [if you click on the links].

      but, nonetheless, thank you for your comments. much appreciated.



      • #4
        yeah the works are nice....but I thought this was a site critic...

        its a bit hard to figure where stuff is on the site and the gray is hard to read....

        even thought its flash you can still pull insprination from it...

        JUST LAUNCHED - - check it out


        • #5
          cool, thanks dude.

          any other comments from anyone?

          speak, or forever hold your screams -</CODE>


          • #6
            Intresting concept. The colors contrast well but your font might be a hair to small to read. It's legible but it needs to be readable.

            I'm not shore what to really think as you styled it like a printed peice so a sign of navigation is hidden or missing.

            I'm all for experiementing so I don't knock you for that, I'm shore you have the talent to bang out a great site.


            • #7
              well, the navigation is actually in amongst the words and poetry etc. it IS hidden yes, but still fairly easy to discover...

              speak, or forever hold your screams -</CODE>


              • #8
                I like the image of the face, ghostly, it is memorable.
                I find the text too much effort to read so it's stopping me getting very far.
                I guess I don't really like the dark vibe with red text etc., which reminds me of sort of dark stuff, vampires etc., although I have a feeling what you've written is better than that.

                How did you get the fixed background on the top right (with scrolling text) to work on Internet Explorer?
                The way I would think of getting this kind of effect is to use {background-position: fixed} but IE doesn't support that.

                Om Namah Shivaya
                Business website: Jackfruit Design
                Personal blog:


                • #9
                  Interesting phatfoo! I like the background image but when the site loaded my eyes were as BP said - ALL over the place! They didn't know where to go first. I found the site extremely hard to read - 1) the red text on black on the left hand side - kinda hurts my eyes. The the gray on the right hand side over the gray image. - alot of that text just doesn't show up well because they are too close in color I think. 2) I think the font is a little small like benjo said...maybe you could up the pt size just a hair.

                  It's kind of a cool idea that you hid the links. I was thinking that maybe instead of using underlines to call them out, you could just increase the font size a little for the links, you know, maybe play with the type a little like you did for the word 'Hi' I like that ) Well...I don't mean make them WAY huger than the rest but you get what I mean right? LOL!

                  I blog, you blog, we all blog!


                  • #10
                    damn, these are very very awesome replies. thanks so much, ppl.

                    firstly, please go back to my site and leave some comments in my guestbook! ha ha, only if you can find it.

                    secondly, i seem to be getting quite a few remarks about the font size and colour scheme. hmmmm. i am a huge fan of small, crisp, fonts...hmmmmm. yes, i also like the playing with font sizes - it has a cool effect...quite typographic, as HTML goes. [img]/emoticons/smile.gif[/img]

                    how i got the text on the top right to scroll was simple - it's merely a DIV!

                    once again, thanks so far all the good comments...

                    speak, or forever hold your screams -</CODE>


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