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  • Realistic Vector Tree Art

    I'm relatively new to graphical arts, and am in need of a realistic-looking vector rendidtion of a hardwood tree. I have the "Art Explosion" 800,000 package, and although it has some realistic evergreen trees it has no hardwood renditions. I have searched the web to the point of exhaustion and cannot find one. Can anyone give me any recommendations on where/how to look? Thank you in advance!

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    Why not find a photo of the tree you want and draw the vector art yourself. Or hire someone like me to do it for you (<<<shameless plug)
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      Not a bad idea at all. I'm an engineer by trade, but have dabbled with Adobe Illustrator for quite some time now. Is it the best product to use for drawing vector art? To tell you what I'm doing... I'm developing some property and want to make some mods to a "pretty plat" of the land including trees, etc. I'll be glad to upload a sample if it'd help. Anyway, I want to give it more of a "3-D" effect that it currently has, and wanted to find a realistic-looking tree to paste here-and-there on the plat. Thus, I need something that looks relistic, although not necessarily entirely real such as a photo of a tree. Make any sense at all?

      I tried to attach a jpg, but I had to shrink it insanely small to be below 19.5 kb. Let me know if/how I can upload it elsewhere if it'll be helpful.


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        Illustrator or another vector program such as corel draw is what you would use for vector art. You can post it here if you want, it may be easier to use I think its called and folow there instructions for pasting the link here.
        How about a chain pickerel in your bath tub?


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            Oops, I was drawing a blank on that at the moment, Must have been a brain cramp.
            How about a chain pickerel in your bath tub?


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              Thanks for that info... it seems to be working perfectly! Anyway, I'm going to try to show a pic of the plat, and the a pic of the evergreen tree I like.

              As you can see, the evergreen isn't photorealistic, but it looks good because it has various colorings, shadings, etc. Perfect for what I'm wanting to do. All of the hardwood trees I've seen have very few details--they're typically a round, green ball on top of a brown "trunk".


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                Try this link...this is all kinds of vector symbols for use in illustrator, its free, its made for map making purposes and there are tons of tree types get a lot of stuff you probably will never need but there is a lot of good stuff there!

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                  Wow! Thanks. I just installed the symbol libraries and will begin browsing them. The only thing I see is the art seems to be a bit plain, but maybe there will be some nice trees in there.


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                    A gazillion thanks! I just browsed the "terrestrial plants" symbol library and viola! Several trees that are EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I really appreciate everyone's input and assistance.


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                      Another satisfied member.
                      How about a chain pickerel in your bath tub?






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