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  • PrintDriver
    Reply to Templates- to use or not?
    The license at 123rf doesn't allow for full transfer of the image license you purchased. According to those rules, it sounds like when you sign over the design and the images, you are telling the client...
    Today, 11:33 AM
  • HotButton
    Comment on need some advice concerning coffee company's logo
    Well again, designers get paid for their ideas. If those who are being paid have not presented viable solutions, they must be sent back to keep working it, or replaced by a different paid provider who...
    Today, 11:33 AM
  • HotButton
    Reply to Best way to do transparency on drop caps?
    If the color behind the text is a solid color, your best bet is to make a swatch color that would simulate (approximate) the desired transparency and apply it to the drop cap. If there is some form of...
    Today, 11:28 AM
  • Melina635
    Reply to Templates- to use or not?
    Damn, they really laid it out!!! Thanks for looking that up! Good thing I asked about templates on this thread before buying them!

    As far as my current work situation, my Boss knows I freelance...
    Today, 11:21 AM
  • PrintDriver
    Reply to Logo Design for Neighborhood Council
    Be careful of the colors you select. That bright light green is not reproducible in 4-color printing.
    Plus it is visually weak in comparison to the rest of the words....
    Today, 10:55 AM

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  • Query over laptop purchase...

    Hey guys...

    I've to give suggestions to my boss about potential laptops for him to issue me with for my job.

    They're not in a position to purchase Macs (which would be the most ideal for me)

    Any suggestions for something under a grand?..something that would cope with having PS, illustrator, Indesign etc open at once?..something with decent ram?...processor?..

    I was looking at these...

    What do you think?...

  • #2
    I've always been impressed by the Alienware range. But it might a bit pricey.

    Have you checked out the outlet stores?

    I got my Laptop from the Dell outlet.

    4 gb ram
    Dual core 2.56 ghz
    256mb graphics card
    2 x 160 gb harddrives
    loads of ports
    blu-ray player/dvd burner
    hi definition display
    (oh and a full keyboard.... score, like my laptop has a sep number pad.)

    It was about 780

    You can pick some great bargains.

    "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


    • #3
      I have had a Dell laptop since 2002 and it still runs. I have CS installed on it now. The only thing I upgraded later was the ram. bumped it up to 2G when I installed CS. After all these years the only thing that is wrong with it is it's not as pretty as my macbook air. But it's my first laptop and I can't seem to part with it.
      *sings* "I am slowly going crazy switch. Slowly crazy am I going switch"


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