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  • royalty free photos without copyright notice

    Hi, unfortunately the photo agency "stockxpert" closed last month.

    We used to buy credits there, download photos and publish them on our website. The license agreement with stockxpert allowed us to publish the photos without any copyright notice (photographer, agency). This was favorable for us because all photos were only small illustrations on the website, with a size of 100 x 100 pixel. (To present a long copyright notice under these thumbnails would have looked a bit strange.)

    The new owner of stockxpert (Getty with istock) has different licence agreements, a copyright notice is required. My question: Do you know any stock library or agency selling royalty free photos without this liability? Of course, we want to pay for the licence.

    Thanks for your tips!

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    I've used a few of them, for various things. This site is good, for some things.
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      not sure about or but you may wanna look over their licenses as well
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