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Some of my favourite graphics resources!

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  • Some of my favourite graphics resources!

    Hey people, I have been using Photoshop for about 1.5 years, and found a couple of some nice, free graphics resources and tutorials sites.
    Here's the list: - This website has lots of web design/Graphics Tutorials.

    Photoshop Lady - Lots of photoshop tutorials, very useful!

    Photoshop Brushes - This site has many photoshop tutorials, and resources.

    Brusheezy - Lots of photoshop resources.

    Tutorialized - A huge amount of tutorials for loads of software.

    Wipeout44 - More photoshop tutorials/videos.

    PS Brushes - Loads of different types of Photoshop brushes!

    I hope you find all these sites as useful as I found them!





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