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  • B
    Reply to Newbie Looking to Convert From Paper to Digital
    How will you be copying them: with a scanner or a camera?

    Anyway, Adobe Photoshop is sort of the standard for working with digital photos and scans. Adobe LightRoom might actually work best...
    Today, 05:44 PM
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    Reply to Ampersands
    There are several letters in the English alphabet that used to be common, but are now gone: thorn, eth, yogh, insular g, ethel, that, ond, eng, long s, ash and others. Most of them are still included...
    Today, 05:36 PM
  • jhanley
    Newbie Looking to Convert From Paper to Digital
    I'm an old-school artist looking to transfer some designs from paper to digital. Also, planning on some very minor photo-editing, but this will not be the focus.

    What are my best options...
    Today, 05:15 PM
  • Designia
    Reply to Ampersands
    LOL, no, it was short & sweet....
    Today, 05:00 PM
  • kemingMatters
    Reply to Ampersands
    I was going to, but I thought it might be the beginning of a rabbit hole so I decided not to....
    Today, 04:50 PM

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  • 'mock-up' templates for displaying designs?

    I have a plethora of designs completed, ranging from music vinyl sleeves to book jackets. I have primarily decided to display my designs 'flat'. yet, as an addition to my portfolio I would also like to display a visual representation of the actual product, i.e a 'mock-up' (see below).

    I am searching for pre-made templates - or tutorial guides that are available for this purpose. I understand how this may be conceived as sheer laziness, but due to time constraints I have to cut some corners. can anybody point me in the right direction?


  • #2
    may want to look at "photoshop actions" - I know there's a few floating around for book and dvd style displays. I don't have the URLs on had though, I make my own.

    Or you create your own actions. Then when ever you want to display on a box, just load via layers (keeping the same layer names) and running the actions again and again and again.



    • #3
      THIS may be what you want. Its photoshop actions, I have some of them and they are really really good. They aint cheap tho.


      • #4
        Thanks for the guidance, this is what I was seeking!


        • #5
          Glad i could help.


          • #6
            The only drawback for me here is that music vinyl is not included. I am not surprised, yet if anybody is aware of an action script out there with this capability, please give me a shout! It would be much appreciated.


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              Heres some stuff that may help



              Action <- this is the only action i can find.


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