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Glossy vs AntiGlare MBP

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  • Glossy vs AntiGlare MBP

    Hey, I'm about to buy the new MBP 15" core i7 MBP and i have a debate on wheter to order the anti glare screen or not. I have been reading forums on the web but none say more than "i like this" or "i prefer that". I use my MBP mainly for graphic design and i need to know which kind of screen is best for it! i mean, regarding color fidelity, contrast, etc.

    To wrap up: which MBP screen is best for graphic design, glossy or anti glare?


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    This is more of a Monitor question that a MacBook Pro question, if I'm reading the question correctly.

    Personally, I am a huge fan of antiglare screens, for anything. Anything that can save my eyes a little stress is a good thing. I have the antiglare on my MacBook and my regular monitor that's hooked up to my mini.
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      I know anti glare is good for resting your eyes but i'm concerned about it's performance regarding color, contrast and black richness. Maybe it's better just to buy the glossy screen and, if necessary, buy the anti glare afterwards. Are the expensive?


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        If you are concerned about that, do this. Head over to Best Buy and check out their monitors. They will have a selection there and you should be able to find a regular monitor with an anitglare screen sitting side by side. Then you can compare them.

        Will it be exact? Well, the colors should be the same...they won't be calibrated, but...they should be similar. Personally, when I did that test...I didn't see any noticeable difference. The only thing I did notice was that the plastic on the front of the monitor has a different sheen to it.
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