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    Sorry if this is discussed somewhere else.

    What are the credible freelance sites where we can bid on jobs. I don't mind buying the bids, I just want to make sure it's legit. Any suggestions/experiences would be appreciated.


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    Have you chcked the classified section here? There's also another one called thats owned by the same company as the gdf (or something like that). Maybe give that a shot.
    I feel like a city kid who has stumbled into a town


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      Thanks! Yeah, I checked those, and will continue to, but I'm looking for something where can be a little more pro-active than just waiting for things to be posted.

      I know there are sites out there where you can purchase bids, but I don't want to be bidding on fake jobs posted by the website itself.


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        Not quite sure what you mean by "purchase bids".
        Are you looking to get on a Short List (or pre-qualified list) for requests for proposals?


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          No, I'm just talking about the sites where you purchase rights to bid on jobs that are posted to the site. Basically, client posts jobs to site, designers buy "leads" to obtain the ability to bid on the job, and then the client can choose whichever bidder they want.


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            So you're bidding for the right to bid?
            I feel like a city kid who has stumbled into a town


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              No, you're not bidding to get to bid, your buying the right to bid. For example, you pay $30 for 15 credits. Then you see a job you'd like to do. You then use your creditsto bid on that job. We'll say it requires 5 credits for that particular job. And typically they have a limit to the amount of people that can bid on one job so that the designer has a better chance of getting the job. When the bidding ends, the person/company that posted the job chooses from those that bid.


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                Goshdarnit, why didn't I think of that. Designers paying to bid work.

                You want to do this? Are there others like you?

                If the company decides not to choose any of the bidders, do you get your credits back or is that part of the risk?

                Anything that involves money up front for credits is suspect in my book.
                That said, there are sources of work out there where you pre-qualify, not with credits but with experience. Experience counts more than ponying up some phony credits for cash. And that said too, it takes a heck of a lot of billable time to do the paperwork on that work. So you do pay for it, in a way.

                Where are those sources, you ask? I forget.
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                  Yeah. I'm in the wrong business. Well in the right business but on the wrong end.
                  I feel like a city kid who has stumbled into a town






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