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    I've been looking into investing in a drawing tablet for my macbook. I don't want anything super nice or expensive since im not very experienced, so my price range is less than $100 (preferably more like $50). I've done some research and many people seem to think wacom's are the best drawing tablets, and they have their bamboo tablet that seems to be pretty good for what I'm looking for, but I just wanted to know some experienced opinions. Would this be a good tablet to get? Or is there a better one in the same price range I should look into? I know it only has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity, which seemed to be lower than many other tablets I've been looking at, so is that really a big deal? Or would it even be something a novice would notice? Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated

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    You should check out this thread.

    Some of the information is a bit dated, but most of it still applies.
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