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Is it me or is it iStock?

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  • Is it me or is it iStock?

    Hi Folks

    Quick question please.

    I've been pretty much working on internet projects the last 12 months, but now have a massive print project to undertake which will necessitate the purchase of a few dozen high-res stock images per month.

    I've just been on iStockPhoto and was shocked

    I'm sure last time I used iStock for print images, I was paying around 20 euros per image for half-full page size, but seems now they will cost me 50 or more for anything reasonable at half page size.

    Has anybody else noticed them hiking the price, or did I just select a couple of expensive images.

    Any other suggestions for royalty free image sites that won't lose all my profit in this job!


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    What images are you looking to buy? Are they images that require extended licenses, for purposes of large print runs and reselling?

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      Originally posted by eugenetyson View Post
      What images are you looking to buy?
      Hi Eugene ... not extended licence. Generic images for recipe pages, etc. For example:

      Just strikes me that 30 credits is a fair bit of dosh for a standard image like that (very nicely shot, etc., so no disrespect to the photographer), but I'll be needing a bucketload of these every month and it comes out of any profit I'd be making on the job


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        Yeh some are like 10 credits and some are 75 credits.

        I've learned to check the price of an image before submitting it for consideration. I've been caught out before. Spent 125 blips on an image that was used for a crappy campaign.

        Depends on the image/photographer. I think the more popular the image is the more credits it costs?

        That particular image has a crown with a plus on it which means
        Exclusive+ The best files from the Exclusive collection selected by the artists, available at a slightly higher price point.

        "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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          Originally posted by bulgariacalling View Post
          Has anybody else noticed them hiking the price...

          They seem to have a wider variety than ever with a greater difference in price ranges than ever, but yeah, the images seem considerably more expensive than they used to be. I'm unsure of their business model, but it seems to have been to undercut all the other stock agencies and photographers, grab the lion's share of the market, then jack up their prices.


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            I agree, their prices have been going up as of late. Making it hard for me to get approval on stock images lately.

            Maybe try out
            I've had some luck there. Images aren't always as good, but sometimes they work.
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              Thanks everyone. Glad to hear it's not just me that thinks they're getting pricey.

              Think I may opt for Shutterstock's 199 euros for one month and download 25 hi-res images per day during the month (of course the problem with that is trying to correctly guess what images I'll be needing in the future, even given I've pretty got control over the image content on this project!)

              Thanks for the heads-up on canstockphoto Audi ... some images I need on there for only $4 high-res!


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                Isn't that stockpiling and I think it's frowned on if not against the terms of use?

                "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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                  I couldn't see anything specifically against it in the licence agreement, however, they do limit you to the number of downloads per day.

                  I'll check into that a bit more closely.


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                    From their terms at Shutterstock:

                    Stockpile, download, or otherwise store Images not used within six (6) months of the expiration of the subscription under which you downloaded the Image. If you fail to use an Image within such six (6) month period, you will lose all rights to use that Image.
                    I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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                      Guess that idea's out the window then!


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                        Images aren't always as good, but sometimes they work.
                        Sounds like the design industry.
                        Doesn't have to look good as long as it's cheap.

                        While I understand BC might be locked into his pricing, the very first question I always ask when handed a project to bid is about image acquisition expectations.


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                          I'm pretty sure that in the last 5 years, I've gone from quoting $5 an image to $30 an image. The jump is pretty steep but we don't use enough images to get a subscription.
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                            No only have they jacked up their prices, they've also bought out a lot of their cheaper competitors too.

                            They even took over stock exchange which is free, and took all the good images off.

                            I have switched to shutterstock who seem to be far more honest. Their prices are set (and generally much cheaper), so you always now what you're going to pay and they have a lot of the same images as istock.

                            Oh, and before you purchase stuff from istock or shutterstuck, grab a coupon code from and you'll save at least 10%.


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                              Gee, it's funny you are all complaining about someone in the image industry who cares enough to remove the crap from what they offer for sale. If by 'good' you mean 'cheap'. Getty Images (iStockphoto) has been around a long time. They aren't what you would consider a 'dishonest' company for wanting to pay photographers what their product is worth. Think about that before you complain about crowdsourcing again.






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