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  • the iPhone as a designer's tool

    Hello everyone.
    First let me say that I am enjoying the forum here, and I'm trying to contribute more than I have been.

    I'm finally going to join the modern world and get the iPhone. And because I want to be a better designer, I plan to utilize it for graphic design: outfitting it with apps, memory and whatever I need to make sure it is to me what Batman's belt is to him.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, tips, suggestions or advice about this endeavor? Do you know of any good apps? Should I cough up the dough for the 4 or take advantage of the cheap price on the 3GS?

    I haven't even started shopping yet, so any and all responses are welcome. Thanks.

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    Go for the iPhone 4 (personally I'm not an iPhone fan, kind of in the same way that I dislike Civics... everyone has one but it is a good phone). The screen is a lot tougher and it's got a much nicer display than the 3GS

    WhatTheFont is a pretty neat iPhone app for starters, you can also pick up "Dropbox" which allows you to access stores files on your mobile device.

    Are you more interested in print or web?
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      I think if you've made your decision on buying the device to use it as it wasn't created to be used, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.
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        But the Iphone is more of a toy anyways Obs
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          I have an iPhone 4 (wife has 3GS) both bought last summer. She said she didn't need to spend the "bigger bucks on the phone and $99 was good enough for her.
          That said, the iPhone 4 has a much better camera and screen as well as flash. If you are getting an iPhone at this stage go for the gold and get the iP4. The next revision will be (should be) coming around the corner….be it June/July like normal or September as the rumormill has been saying…who knows).

          The iPhone is a GREAT mini computer/camera/ipod/video and it also has a less-often-used feature as a phone. I have a few design apps on mine that I have found useful (like WhatTheFont) and Red Laser for getting pricing info for products from scanning the barcode.

          The phone takes VERY good photos and can be enlarged to a decent degree. People are sometimes amazed at the clarity of the photos taken with it. The 3GS screen, like many others before the "retina" screen was fine, but after using my iP4 I can easily see the difference between it and my wife's phone.

          Good luck with it all, and let us know your decision.
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            Or you could be awesome and go with Android
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              Webby/design apps that I use i my iPhone4:

              Air Sharing
              Mobile Mouse
              Plain Text
              HTML5 Reference Guide
              Air Display
              GoDaddy - Actually I just deleted this one as I moved my account from GoDaddy.

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                An app that I use for Android, that I imagine would be just as useful for iPhone would be Teamviewer or pretty much any VNC app.
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                  o_O Obs c'est quoi ca?

                  And once again my avatar gets switched... I don't even know where that's from but it's got a penguin on it so I'll keep it...
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                    Based on the replies, I'll specify my questions and thoughts.

                    -I think I would need more support for print graphics rather than web graphics. But I still would like to get into web graphics, and even app design. I don't have a super-duper cell phone right now, and I want one so I can begin to understand how apps feel, look and operate. I want to make sure that I don't lag too far behind the pace of technology.

                    -I'm not very interested in having a high quality "telephone." If I can communicate with someone, then cool. I don't need crystal clear reception or what have you. So long as it's reliable enough to not drop calls constantly or sound like utter crap, it will be a good enough telephone for me. I am more interested in the computing power of the device. I still want the telephone side of the device, or I would be searching out a tablet.

                    -Is the Android actually better than the iPhone? I've seen arguments for both sides of this debate, and because I've owned neither, I can't make that call. I'm leaning toward iPhone because I use a Mac and I'd like for my devices to work seamlessly. If there is proof out there that the Android works better than the iPhone for the apps that I want (apps that support graphic design for print), and works with my Mac better than the iPhone, then I may consider it.


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                      BTW, thanks everyone for the replies so far.


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                        IMO, the android/iphone debate is similar to the mac/PC debate. Generally it's purely a matter of preference as to which you believe works best for you.
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                          I'm with Craig on this one but the iPhone does have a lot more apps for it than Android does. They're getting up there but Apple has quite the lead. Personally I don't like the iPhone just with all the restrictions apple puts on them which is why I love my Android. I have an app on my mac that syncs with my itunes and all my apps are online but in the end it's really up to you.
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                            Agreed it is a personal preference thing.
                            I am sure both are great. I chose iPhone because I prefer my iPod and Mac to the PC Craptop we have at home. I love the seamless integration into iTunes, no other software to add (maybe there isn't with Android, don't know).

                            My wife could have gone with the $99 3GS or another $99 smartphone but figured if she had questions about her phone or syncing our phones apps we could do that with the iPhones. Apps bought on my phone are ones she can use too without paying as they are OK on 5 gadgets or something. That said, she has never really had any problems with her iPhone and not being too techy got right on it and into anything she needs to very easily.

                            There are many more apps in Apple's App Store, however the Android Marketplace is "catching up" or at least gaining but that is as expected.

                            I have AT&T, co workers have Verizon iPhones, they don't get internet service at work or on their way home. I do. They both suck at times and both have dead spots. I like the AT&T hotspot WiFis and they ability to talk on phone and get on internet at the same time.

                            I am a print guy just learning the Web and the phone is good for both parties. Reading design blogs at lunch is nice too.
                            PS this is my first Smartphone. Previously I was pay-as-you-go. This was a giant leap for us.
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                              I just recently got an iPhone 4. It was a tough decision for me as I wanted the keyboard that Blackberry offered. I had the Torch for a total of 4 days and wanted to throw it off a bridge. I hated it that much.

                              I love my IP4. However, I know a few others that like their Android. Their one complaint is there are a lot more apps for iPhone. If you want a fun toy IP4 is it. (and it still does calls and stuff). I can honestly say it has made my life so much easier. But not necessarily with GD stuff. More for me with personal stuff; like mobile grocery list (no more paper that I loose!), notes, calendar alerts etc.
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