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  • Copyright for font

    not sure if this is an appropriate question but is it possible to copyright a font that you have invented?

    not do you go about it if it were possible?

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    Copyright exists from the moment of it coming into existence. If you developed it it's yours. You don't need to register for copyright to put a copyright symbol on it.

    You would need to come up with licensing and I don't know how that's done? <b> on here I think made a font before? Perhaps he'll chime in?

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      You can't copyright the alphabet.
      You can only copyright the specific code that makes up your font, for which you need to come up with usage licensing.
      You do need to register it before you ever need to go to court for infringement.


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        Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
        You can't copyright the alphabet.
        I've had a patent pending for quite a while now...

        "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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          as i know that you cannot copyright the design of the font, but you CAN copyright the PostScript program or TrueType data that draws it.






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