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    hey everybody, so i recently got a new job in which i will be doing color retouching. i have limited experience so i was wondering if anybody could recommend any books on photoshop color retouching???

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    I don't know of any books, but a quick Google search came back with hundreds of free tutorials...


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      there is lots of books available of tuts for Photoshop, but i recommend you to give some time on photoshop, keep practicing there, color retouching is not so hard.


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        Define color retouching.


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          If you need a book then you should check out Scott Kelby. I believe it was D-Frag who posted about him several years ago which is how i learned of him. I have one of his books at home (a gift from someone) and I did learn some techniques from it. Just google his name and you will get all kinds of info about him.
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            Originally posted by Drawing a Blank View Post
            If you need a book then you should check out Scott Kelby.
            I agree Scott Kelby is a genius when it comes to teaching photoshop. I joined his site for a year and learned bunches of new stuff I didn't know. Sadly, it was a bit pricey and I couldn't afford a second go at it.






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