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  • Help w Current Market Rates


    Can anyone tell me what is the current market rates/compensation for the following:

    1. Seasoned Graphic Designer who also provides full tech paks?

    2. Seasoned Graphic Artist?

    A. Full Time Rate vs
    B. Part time rate

    C. Large size company vs
    D. Small size company

    Thank you for your time.

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    We cannot discuss rates and pricing on this forum.
    Pick up a GAG Handbook.
    Bear in mind,
    -your market area has a rather large influence on your rates.
    -full time vs part time can be the inverse of what you think it is because of full time perks.
    -some small companies pay more than larger companies. And vice versa.

    What's a tech pack?


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      Oh no I didn't know rates could not be discussed I guess that would throw my discussion right out the door...

      I will look into this 'gag handbook' is it categorized by industry?

      Its not the pay for a fashion designer I am concerned with as I already know the going rate just for that but I need to find out the (in addition too) part which is also providing the tech pak level of expertise that is my dilemma.

      google tech paks but it is used for manufacturing/retail best way I can sum things is picture someone makes an original design for you as in you know fashion/ or woman or children, etc...

      now once the design is finish for your finish presentation &/or for the manufacturers you will need a blue print sort of speak of A-Z of that particular clothing (what type of a fabric is used or quite possibly what type of materials &/or color combinations that can also be used-so once again 'in addition to') this might also include types of accessories used with the garment (buttons, zipper....) also specialized jewelry, etc....

      Thank so much for your help. I do appreciate the information you have provided.


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        A designer calls a tech pack a 'graphic standard'.
        Different industry.
        I call a tech pack a 'sample board'.
        Another industry.

        You won't find much on fashion design in the Graphic Artist Guild handbook...


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          I like that reference also 'storyboard' sounds good to me. Thank for reminding me about gag handbook I will get it now. Hope you had a great weekend now its back to the real world manana.






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