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Looking for high end examples of brochure and annual report design

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  • Looking for high end examples of brochure and annual report design


    I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that have examples of high-end brochure and annual report design. Ive been given an open canvas to play with at work and need to come up with something very, very good.


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    Hi Joel, welcome to the forum!

    From what I understand, you may have better luck finding samples of annual reports and such at your local library. It's worth a try!

    Good luck!

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      Hello Joel, welcome to the forum. You may want to visit websites of some fortune 500 companies and se if they have their annual reports online. Some companies will and some companies won't, but it is worth a shot and fairly easy. Most of the reports I have seen online are PDF files and it will take a minute or so to download, but again it is easy and painless.

      Good luck.

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        Try Aquent Click on the MArketing and Creative services link and check out the portfolio. They have a variety of materials there for inspiration.


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          Here's an idea for an annual report...

          In the past we had designed and printed the standard high-end expensive-as-hell-to-print annual report (We're a healthcare system by the way) but from market research we had done we found that noone read the damn information is boring!!!. We were spending $20k+ to print 10,000 reports that were being thrown away. Screw that! Time for a new plan.

          What is one thing that most people read? Newspapers. This year we did the report as an 8-page mini-newspaper. We packed it full of stories, full color pictures and condensed the financials down to fit into the center double-truck. We had a local newspaper print it, fold it and then distribute it to all of the other newspapers in our region. It was inserted into weekly, bi-weekly and daily papers and sent out.

          This time around, rather than send the report to 10,000 select people in our region, we were able to send it to every household in our region (200,000 homes). The total project cost us less than $15k. Well worth the money. You get tons of coverage.

          Just an idea.

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