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converting VHS to web compatible media

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  • converting VHS to web compatible media

    I'm not sure if this is the right category or not...

    A client of mine wants to convert a few small VHS video clips into a web format to be placed on his website (ie: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc). Does anyone know WHO can do that? I've called Kinkos, and they do not mess with VHS stuff. My client is near Tulsa, OK.


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    I would just look up audio/video editors in your neck of the woods, or try a school of some sort, I know we had to do this in college but we used Director and a AV cam.

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      Thanks D-Frag. I used to have the technology to convert, but sadly those privies were taken away when the IT people felt the need to 'upgrade' my computer, which, by the way, now gives me friendly 'not enough resources' messages. *roll eyes here* lol

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        TRG, I recently got handed a video, a vcr and hardware and software. I actually found it easy to convert and I got it done in less than an hour. If I remeber correctly they told me it cost less than $100 and I think they bought it at Radio Shack. It worked well for that project, but I was dealing with b/w boroscope video so quality wasn't that great to begin with. I used the Studio V9.3 and it is capable of exporting to MPEG and AVI formats. I didn't investigate the features of the program much, but I know it has transitions and such. Hope this helps.

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          I bought a cheap video capture card and captured from vhs to a uncompressed avi file, then i run it through discreet cleaner to get it into a useable web format. I have taken a 1gb uncompressed avi and made is less than 4mb (320x240 i believe) web format.


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