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    nope...trying to update my profile photo was a complete FAIL. Maybe I won't be back for a while here.

    this forum layout/theme has been broken far too long. I hate to say goodbye but this
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    ok, yes, VB5 (was that all we jumped to?) was a mess that pushed my patience. if all forums went all wonky I'd just deal, but many seemed to either stick to the old or find a fix to slightly update and...
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  • IllustratING tutorials


    I've been in design for a while, but I'm always wanting to expand my skills. What is the best resource for learning to illustrate characters? I never have been into drawing, but I want to learn for the sake of design (logos, illustrations, etc..) Mainly characters is what I'm interested.

    Does anyone know of any books, websites or other resources that could get me started?

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    I'm not the best one to answer on this topic, but I can give you my 2, for what it's worth!

    First of all, not to be dense, but when you say that you want to illustrate "characters", I presume you mean little guys like "cartoon characters" instead of characters as in text/fonts...

    you can google "drawing tutorial" - and there are also some on Designer Today magazine... I think the link is at the bottom of this page.

    I just set aside about 15-45 minutes a day and practice sketching, and I have noticed a lot of improvement in my work.

    I'm reading a book called "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" which is quite good. You might want to look it up!.

    Good luck!

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      For me, the best way to learn has always been from life, take life drawing classes to learn the human figure, study everything and anything around you and draw it. As far as cartoon characters go, go pick up some comic books, straight up trace it, or copy what it is you wish to learn. Sooner or later you end up developing your own style, and thats what is most important, being original. Barnes and Nobles has some great books on drawing comic characters and the like, check it out

      No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. ~Oscar Wilde


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        I would check your local library or bookstore, especially the bookstore, there's tons of books out now relating to drawing comics, graphic novels, japanimation and characters, and some of them even focus on doing it all with a computer!


        • #5
          thanks for your opinions guys! they all really help


          • #6
            don't get hung up on 'learning how to draw'. that approach will only make you draw like every other hack out there.

            don't think too much, just do it.



            • #7
              The Hogarth books are good.
              So is Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner.
              If you don't want to take the chance on what you get for models in figure drawing classes there are always a million figure reference books and CD's out there.

              PD is a grande format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


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