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National Identity visual representation. Looking for examples

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  • National Identity visual representation. Looking for examples

    Hello everybody!

    Now I'm working on a visual communication project. The topic is "Representation of Belarusian Identity".

    Last days I am looking for some examples of such National Identity visual projects ( or e.g. ads for tourists that visually represent the country/ city) but can't find anything.

    I will be very grateful to everyone who could share any kind of related information.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Hanna from Belarus

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    This pattern is the first that comes to my mind.


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      The quick web search I did sorta sounded like Belarusians are searching for a national identity after being torn apart by several other countries.

      Are you looking for examples of other countries' national identities?


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        If you're looking for other national identity campaigns, here's one from my country: New Zealand.
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          Ah, of course. Just skimmed the OP.

          The Incredible India campaign was quite memorable, especially the jingle.






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