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    Uncle C

    told me to put a link to our website here ::::

    Its exploratory electronic music + we feature the work of graphic designers - giving them space in our Random Image Gallery every month.

    Check out the site and if you are interested in having your work displayed....

    We get 8000+ visitors a month - so your work will be seen.

    Best wishes


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    it's true! i did tell him that.

    welcome to the forum, david. your site looks like a nice resource for designers, illustrators and musicians to either be seen/heard, or just for inspiration.


    :on't call me Foreman, for I am your Boss::


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      Thanks Uncle ::::

      Had some really successful collaborations with people from the proce55ing forum - who have supplied dynamic images which we have set to music.... the work of zevan rosser for example.... this can be found in the RELEASES section at audiobulb.... free to download and hopefully enjoy.






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