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  • Sweet graphics resource hub

    Awesome resource site. And everything is categorized and organized in a nice, orderly fashion, with categories such as:

    Free stock photography
    Cheap stock photography
    Commercial stock photography
    Clip art
    Free fonts
    Commercial fonts
    Pixel fonts
    Assorted fonts
    Photoshop brushes

    The site even lets you know when some of the sites are new or down.

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    I can attest the total sweetness of Bluevertigo. A ton of great links. I think some posted it in the Ultimate Resources thread but it's definitely worth another mention.
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      Yes, the link is already posted somewhere else on the forum. But it is a very nice resource, for sure.


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        I was thinking to myself "Did I see that elsewhere?" and was like "Nah, I didn't." Well, I was wrong, but it's been helping me out on my portfolio revamp these past few weeks.


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          I didn't know this site. Wow, it's full of good stuff! I think this will mean a couple of hours of work break to navegate the site :P
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            Bring the type together. Unify the typography. Something like this. Just an idea.
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            Two out of three of the performers were brutally murdered (and hated each other).

            That's NOT a fun party.
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            Definitely a do-over.

            One problem is you have too many quotation marks. You don't need them.

            Also, when listing the band members, you should not have Milou on one line, then...
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