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    Does anyone have any recommendations for a low cost, but quality online printer such as Premium Printing Online?
    Mark Field
    markField Design
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    I use these guys, but you have to open a business account as its a trade company... 250 4 color bc for around $20
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      what sort of product?
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        Yeah, tell us more about your printing needs. does great work with a 24 hr. turnaround, but the selection of options is rather limited. I use them for all my flyering needs. Plus, they're running a special right now to celebrate their new site. Free ground shipping! (on certain orders)


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          or, I work there so I could assist
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            my favorites


            I'm looking for a couple of options for printing of a billboard 24' w x 8' h. I guess vinyl is the going thing?
            Anyone have any thoughts on this? psprint does this, but I'm looking for options...


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              i use
              quick turnaround & great prices
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       is about the cheapest anywhere. Business cards are on sale right now for 8.72 for 250. And it's all offset, no inkjet knockoffs.


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                  I'm giving for some cards. I should receive them this week.

                  He's a member of this forum so I thought I'd give him a shot at my business.
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                    Let us know what you think of step RP, I'm out of Vistaprint, but I still print with them cause I know the whole process, and know how to make sure the files are prepped right
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                      Will do. I should receive the cards tomorrow or Wednesday. I just looked up my order and it said it was completed and I'm only about 20 miles from them so shipping shouldn't take long.
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                        Originally posted by Drorain
                        Let us know what you think of step RP, I'm out of Vistaprint, but I still print with them cause I know the whole process, and know how to make sure the files are prepped right
                        I was kind of disappointed with Vista. I sent them a PDF x1a for my last card run and there was ghosting in the transparency. I created the file in InDesign CS.

                        I don't care what their reasoning is, that should not happen.

                        I send out four different ads in that format every month and never have a problem.

                        I don't see why a PDF x1a should ever have that kind of problem.
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                          like i said, I only trust em cause I worked with them, doing the file preps, thus far everything I've printed for myself or for clients has gone right, only because I've let my hand touch it. the prob you had is one of the probs common to online printing, not having the ability to physically proof the print.

                          Sucks really, but its the way things are going for small business printing...and the large print houses are hurting from it.
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                            I'm happy to say that StepPrinting came through wonderfully. I ordered the cards (250 qty. 100 lb stock) Thursday night after work and I received them today (though I am close to them so shipping was only one day). No rush, nothing. 3 business day turnaround, can't beat that.

                            The cards look good though the design was extremely simple. There wasn't a lot to screw up but they look good none the less.

                            I'll definitely be using them again.
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                              well since my post back in may i no longer use (there min. order is 5000 & they are unpredictable on colors)

                              i also used for a while & while there prices & quality were good i never knew when the job would go to print.

                              i then switched to for a few jobs & everyone of them was screwed up in one way or another (you can do a search here & find a rant of mine about these jobs)

                              i often use for business cards but they only do them & some postcards

                              i just started using i have my first big job out to binery now when i get them in i'll let you know how they come out.

                              i wish i had a local printer so i wouldn't have to go through this online nightmare.
                              (hopefully partner will be the answer. i've only heard good things about them.)
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