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Pantone to RGB & Hex converstion chart

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  • Pantone to RGB & Hex converstion chart

    I found this through StumbleUpon and thought it was nifty:


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    Cool, thanks Delete.

    Can you imagine what a tedious job this would be to compile.


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      Yeah, really. And then to be the one to proof read and fact check it?


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        Thats great. This could be very useful for client/color/ approval stuff!
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          Nice find DY this will come in handy.
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            Very nifty, but I hope Pantone doesn't have a problem with it. It actually infringes on their copyright, and they are very protective. You might want to save the html page to your harddrive in case it disappears one day.

            Another favorite resource of mine had something similar and got served cease and desist notices. He had to remove anything referring to Pantone.
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              nvm found it
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              Hi Jishan and welcome to GDF.

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