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    Dear All,
    It was so helpful to have your feedback last time, this is my new job.
    Here the scenario :The scenario involves a fictional publishing house that creates storybooks as printed, digital, or interactive based content. They have commissioned you to choose two different famous legends, fables or myths from two different countries and create a single page A4 size teaser advertisement or poster (landscape or portrait) for each story you choose. The company plans to use these designs for possible posters, downloadable ads and other means. Although they have no restriction on what designs you can come up with, they do need you to include the following details in your designs. These are:
    1. The title of the story.
    2. Graphic design that attracts potential readers and gives them an idea of what the fable, legend, or myth is about.
    3. Name of the company (Acme Publishing); you can choose any font or create a logo for them if you desire.
    4. The release date of the storybook (any date of your choosing).
    5. Your own name or logo as the designer.
    Thanks for giving me your though and feedback.
    Have great day.


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    Without time to get too into it, my #1 impression is that you are not making it easy for people to read at all. They look cluttered and confusing. Neither look inviting either.
    Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.


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      Hi there. First thing I will say is that the fonts you used are not working for me. There is also an error in your text on the second design (should read "other", not "others"). Staying on the second design, placing the word ASGARD behind the clouds looks odd as you end up hiding a bit of the "A" which, in my opinion, takes away from the importance of it. On the first design, the way you have the hands doesn't make sense. Is it supposed to be the hands of a single person or two separate hands belonging to two different people? Looks really awkward.

      Overall, I'd say these need a lot of work.


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        Thank you guys for your comments.
        I'll keep that in mind.
        And just about the hands, as they are twins that's two different persons> This is just the mythology.
        Thanks again.

        I hope to help you soon.






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