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How can I make a 3d circle in Illustrator like the one in the attached picture?

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  • How can I make a 3d circle in Illustrator like the one in the attached picture?

    I need to make a few icons with a 3d circle just like the one in the picture? I know there is the 3D tool in effects but it still doesn't give me the same result as the picture.
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    You won't get a cylinder like that one you pictured in illustrator by pushing buttons. You have to hand draw it.
    The walls of the cylinder in that pic are either not the same thickness or it is improperly drawn using poor perspective techniques.

    If you want to draw a 3D cylinder in Illustrator, you have to start with a doughnut shape and Extrude it with the lighting aimed in the right direction. Illustrator's 3D interface is mildly stupid so you have to futz with it a bit to get what you want.

    Click image for larger version

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      Hmmm. I just happened to think that if you don't center the hole, you might come closer to what you show. The top thickness of your ring is thicker than the bottom. Try that instead.
      But I still think your original is improperly drawn and that you will have to hand trace it with a pen tool then colorize the individual sections to match it.


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