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  • Information/Help Needed for Project; Photoshop

    the objective for the project is to make a cd cover design thats related in some way to the solar system, specifically depicting the earth as if its was being observed from the moon. I need to know how i would be able to recreate this in photoshop, but adding my own layers. I want to move the layers dosn one and for the top add this paradise/heaven hybrid, i.e. ascension.
    Click image for larger version

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    Unless this is a 3D program image, those half-spheres aren't layers.......
    This sort of looks like hand drawn art too. At least I know illustrators who could do this by hand.

    As for doing it in Photoshop, do you mean copying this exactly? That would be a bad idea as this is copyrighted already:
    (Finding that took a little doing as it seems to have been lifted by dozens of people on the intertoobs without attribution, but that's the true source.)
    BTW, SPL can be an expensive resource, but handy nonetheless for one-of-a-kind science-type stuff.

    If doing your own version with your own assets, it all depends on your artistic talent.
    Start with a stock image of the Earth. Go from there.
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      Added research:
      The artist that created this, Gary Hincks, is an accomplished hand-art and digital illustrator for both SPL and Nat Geo.


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