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Seeking feedback on a Signage Assessment

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  • Seeking feedback on a Signage Assessment

    For a recent assessment, we were asked to develop graphic designs for 2-D (print) and 3-D (installation / signage). Any feedback on my concept would be greatly appreciated.
    Note: The company name “Little Design Co.” was made up for the use of this assessment.

    Click image for larger version

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    The Design Scenario:
    The hypothetical scenario involves your acquisition of a suitable office space to establish your graphic design studio. You want the reception area to attract, inform and showcase your business through the creation of at least one 2-D based (print, posters) artwork and at least one 3-D based (signage, installation or fixtures) artwork.

    Communication Objectives:
    The signage must clearly depict the company name and brand and look give a professional, modern and sleek feel.

    Output: The 2-D signage will most probably be a wall decal while the 3-D signage will be either an aluminium or metal look pop out sign with potential of back lighting.

    Delivery: The wall decal will be a large scale print and depending on the surface of the wall, may or may not be possible as wall decals need to be applied to flat surfaces. The
    company sign may need to be applied to a glass panel or type of acrylic to be able to back-light it.

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    You've met the absolute minimum requirements.

    Provide a description of what it is you are creating here. It's one thing to draw it/mock it up. It's quite another to specify the materials to be used.

    Here's what a fabricator would need to know in order to install this for you:

    What is the metal on the desk? How big? How thick? What is its finish (brushed, mirror, bead-blast, clear lacquer, metallic auto paint, etc). Is it on standoffs or applied directly to the surface? What method of attachment (studs, VHB tape?)

    What is the desk surface? Is it laminate? Is it lacquer? Is it porcelain steel? Is it white acrylic? Is it HDPE (in which case VHB tape is out of the question, nothing sticks to HDPE.)

    What exactly is the thing on the wall? (Wallcover with texture specified, paint, cut sign vinyl, sandblasted edgelit glass?) What are the dimensions of the wall? Are the seams accounted for? (all materials have a printable/cutable width limit) Does the wall contain a lighting unit? (Lumisheet, LED, Florescent tubing?) What is the wall surface? (Drywall? Acrylic? Same as the desk?)

    On site I would ask:
    Do you want branded distraction markers for the glass on the conference room wall to keep people from walking into the glass (yeah, it happens. Often.)
    Have you considered a decor for the conference room?

    If all of those questions are beyond the scope of this assignment, ask your teacher, ''Why?''


    • Rach.Elizabeth
      Rach.Elizabeth commented
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      Thanks again for your feedback! The brief was very basic and didn't have any scope.

    • PrintDriver
      PrintDriver commented
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      Yeah, figured that was the case. Way too much of that in today's graphic design college courses.

      As for the design, what sort of design studio is this?
      looks like it could be a very high end marketing studio or a wedding event planner (leaning more toward the latter.)

      The blonde wood in the background is sort of left hanging too. How does it incorporate into the overall branding picture? Should there be accents that use it elsewhere?
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