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Why do you want to pursue graphic design?

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  • Why do you want to pursue graphic design?

    Hello. I'm a graphic design student in college and I'm applying for a BFA program at my school. To be considered, I have to be interviewed by the professors, primarily on the topic of why I want to be in the program. The thing is, even though it is true, I'm pretty sure I can't go with the response of "graphic design is my passion", seeing as every person who walks into their office will repeat the same mantra.
    I'm guessing they want a logical and career-oriented response on why the program would be essential for me and something that will make me stick out as a candidate.

    My question is, if you were asked if elaborate on why you wish to continue your education in graphic design, what would you say?

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    The better question to be asking is, where do you see yourself in 10 years. If you can answer that question, that's all you need, you tell them that your career goal is ''this'' and add how their program will help get you there. As with all job interviews, return the conversation to the client's court in some way.

    If, like most college-aged people, you have very little idea where you want to be in your career in 10 years, take the time now to research that part of the question.

    Asking other people why they want to continue in the design field won't be your answer.

    Quite honestly, I wish I'd stayed with my first career (field ecology and plant systematics), stayed focused on getting a cushy job counting emerald ash borers for the State Wildlife commission, and I'd be retiring this year with a decent pension. Hindsight is 20/20.


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      Hi Espitz and welcome to GDF.

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        If you can do some research and find out what's unique about this particular program and school compared to every other program and school, that would make your answer more unique. It would also show that you really know how to do your homework.






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