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Seeking feedback: 2D & 3D concepts

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  • Seeking feedback: 2D & 3D concepts

    Hi there, I'm just chasing some quick feedback on my 2D and 3D concepts. The brief is a simple one: Imagine you have acquired a small and suitable office space that you have transformed into your design studio. You want the reception area to reflect the designer that you are, as well as the business that you are developing. Do this through signage, posters and other 2-D and 3-D visual graphics around the area.

    I have selected a x-train billboard as my 2D concept and an illuminated sign as the 3D concept.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CONCEPT.jpg
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    Thank you in advance


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    Hi Mortician19 and welcome to GDF.

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      You have misinterpreted the design brief. You are to decorate your office space, not the subway station, using 2D and 3D stuff.

      Since you have not described the type of design you do, it's hard to tell if what you've done is effective. On first take, it's very spartan and very Apple-esque. Even your train billboard does not at all indicate what you do, nor does it have a call to action.

      In what way is your office wall sign ''illuminated''?
      Whatever treatment you have done to indicate the 3D treatment is already telling you that there will be legibility issues at the size (and thickness?) you have chosen.


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        Thanks for the feedback for my assessment, I was a bit vague with the brief (the elements are to market the studio not decorate the studio) - your comments on the wall sign were very helpful, it's the first time I've had to do anything 3D so I'm pretty fresh.

        Thanks again.


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          If your logo is what you have shown in the subway poster, the reason I ask how your logo is illuminated is because those skinny letter strokes and serifs at the size you have indicated on your wall (in comparison to the imac monitors) will not be wide enough to contain the LEDs needed to light them, neither as halo lighting (which is about the only thing you can do with letters this skinny) nor as captured acrylic faces (not happening with this font.)
          While you might be able to do a push-thru type of lit sign, with letters in black vinyl face and sides in clear or sanded acrylic, you will still have to thicken the strokes and serifs for the machine tooling needed to do this. Machines have a nasty habit of breaking, or even better, melting acrylic when it is really skinny and spindly. Not to mention having to add a buildout in which to put the lighting. Not to mention the fillets you get in all inside corners when doing the counter for the push thru.

          Why is the logo on the wall italicized, but the other two representations not?

          I would really really love to sit in on a few critiques of this type of project that appears to be quite popular lately. If no instruction is being given on how to effectively design 3D signage that can be installed in the real world, you are wasting your time and money.
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