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  • Need some professional advice!

    I am working on my portfolio to get my first graphic design job. But I stuck.. I have a projects what i want to design, but every time when I see my final result, I don't like it. I feel like I need to add some smalls details to make it look better, but I don't know what exactly is missing.
    I know it is because I have very little experience . And want to ask you guys, how can I improve that, should I do more projects to get more experience or should I learn and analyse other good designs.. Maybe you had that problem, and have some other good method on that. I will be very appreciate of any advice!

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    You won't always get to design pieces that make you happy. Your goal should be to solve the problem whatever that might be not to create something you personally like. When you look at your finished projects, don't ask, "Do I like it?" Ask, "Is this successful?" That may help you look at your work a different way.
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      Thank You KitchWitch for your comment , but.. There are not successful as well. That why I am thinking about new approach and asking for other methods.

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    Do you have a degree? I'm just asking because often as part of a school's program they have quite a bit of peer review, portfolio classes, etc. to assist you in building up those skills.

    You could also see if a more experienced designer is willing to look over your work and portfolio with advice and guidance. You could post things here for feedback, which would be a decent start, but I think an in person portfolio review would provide more in depth feedback. Also, with an in person review it could be more helpful because its more of a discussion.

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      Originally posted by katiarum View Post
      I feel like I need to add some smalls details to make it look better, but I don't know what exactly is missing.
      Graphic designs are rarely improved by adding a bunch of details. Designs are typically improved be figuring out what can be removed to make the design simpler, clearer and better focused.


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        Thank you very much for the advice.






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