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    Hello guys! I am currently a 16 year old graphics student at college, and have been looking to improve as a designer. Due to my college commitments I am unable to setup a business, nor get a full time job in the industry, thus I decided to to start using social media to get my work out there and hopefully expand as a 'brand'. I was simply wanting some tips on the best social media platforms to use and the most efficient ways in which to use them.

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    Do you go to school on weekends? Do you go to school at night?
    Look around for any kind of part time work peripherally associated with graphic design. It might mean working in a print shop that has a second shift or a marketing/promotional/event company that works weekends. This field, right now, requires that a junior designer pretty much has 2 years of working world experience. Do everything you can to get that done while you are still in school. No one wants to be working for intern pay once they graduate.

    If you are 16, you aren't old enough to enter into business contracts so setting up a freelance gig (for which you are more than likely not qualified anyway) is out of the question.


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      Hi STN and welcome to GDF.

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        For that type of work... can't go wrong with Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. Anything else I'm not sure could help greatly. But it depends how much time you've got, as social media does require a fair bit of effort on your part. Some people might come to you, sure, but you'll have to add a lot of industry contacts and start to get into the community. Start with this guide as a beginning point, and then see what happens. Let me know if there are more questions.






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