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Please criticize the hell out of my work - Series of postals about a font family

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  • Please criticize the hell out of my work - Series of postals about a font family

    Hey! This is a college assignment in which I have to design a series of 18x28cm cards about a font. Mines Droid Serif, used in the Android operating system.
    Please criticize the hell of it, anything I can improve.

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    Not bad, but there are a couple of things that stuck out.
    1. the Legibility card - You describe how legible the font is, but chose to use full justification and allow hyphenation, both of which are not flattering to the legibility of the font.
    2. There is a bit of decoration for decoration's sake. Don't fill negative space because you feel it ''needs something.'' Keep it simple and elegant. Well, as elegant as any phone font can be...

    Otherwise, on quick examination, overall, pretty good.


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      Question for you.
      Does the assignment include making sure the other side of these cards is acceptable to the postal service.
      There are all kinds of rules and limitations to the address side of a postcard that designer should learn about too. Impress your critique session by doing at least one of these with an address side and pointing out the things you did to keep it legal. Funny thing about mailers, if you put your company return address in just the wrong place the auto readers will mail your entire mailing back to you instead of your recipient list. Waste of money. And embarrassing.


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        No, they don't. I just called them postals because I couldn't think of any other term. There are just 18x28cm cards which will be printed on 300gr paper.

        Thank you for your comments: How do you think I could improve the paragraph? I will try and clean the design and work on the last one.


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          Because I was ''that guy'' in my design class, I'd still do the postal back just to give some Real World usefulness to the design exercise...incorporating the font in some way, of course. A little more work, but use it as one of the cards. Rules are meant to be bent.

          Anyway, you are the designer. How do you think you could improve that block of text if justification and hyphenation isn't working? Do you change the size of the text block, do you change justification, do you force return the lines (which can have unintended consequences,especially if styles are applied,) do you soft return the lines, do you shut off hyphenation, do you reword the copy to look better? All kinds of options and then some.
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            Hey, your tips are really helping me out

            I've made some modifications on the 3rd and last postal


            Please tell me what you think! and what more could be improved






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