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  • Student Assignment - Feedback Request

    As part of an assignment I'm doing, I need to get some feedback on my designs.
    The first is for a postcard design representing the colours of Australia - I chose a monochromatic green scheme.
    The second is a flyer advertising an Agideas Design Conference.

    Thanks in advance for your constructive criticism, helpful suggestions or anything else : )
    Click image for larger version

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Name:	AgIdeas Flyer .jpg
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    These are for a design class?

    Graphic design is about the message, not the art.

    Your green postcard, the message is lost. When choosing a monochromatic color scheme, you can't use all middle values. Introduce some contrast and get the message across. If you are going to use pictures, use interesting ones and don't make them interact with the text in a way that detracts from both image and text. And as always with postcards, what does the other side look like? Very important.

    On the poster,
    AGIAS...what is it? Oh, the d and the e are supposed to be in there too? Hierarchy on this entire piece is severely lacking. While you might consider it ''edgy'' to break text out the the box, you've managed to completely disconnect it to the point where it loses meaning.
    For instance it reads, Attend Design Studios. Win from all over the world. designers exhibit your work at the Melbourne Museum.... Those parts stand out. The rest of it is just background noise.
    Why is there a guy's blurry picture in there?
    Why is the location sideways? And the organization's logo?
    What is the feather thing in the lower red circle?
    Why so many colors? Do you intend to match Pantone colors or are you going to be happy with whatever the CMYK values plop on the paper?
    It sounds like it is an event. Are there coordinating pieces that have to match all those colors across media?
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      Yes, these are intended for a design class.

      I don't really intend a message for the postcard, it's just about the colour and I wanted the words to blend into the images. I do find the R a bit hard to see, but the rest seem fine ... the colours were eyedropped from the photos, and they do cover a range from dark to mid and bright, so I'm not sure what you mean by all middle values ? They are the photos I've chosen, and my object is not to make a postcard that is sellable, but merely to make one that represents the colours of Australia to me. The other side is even more boring than the front, so I'll leave that !

      The poster - I have no choice over the words, or the image of the guy (which I would rather not put on there) or the logo.
      I get that it's pretty busy, and I haven't yet learnt what the limits/costs are in relation to the use of lots of colours, and I really wasn't considering that in my design because that was not part of the brief. It does look clearer in pdf though. I don't really see the problem with putting text sideways, the feather thing is a flame from the candle, and yes, it sounds like an event doesn't it - something like a forum or conference, but their website is quite uninformative and unclear.


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        Hi Emma and welcome to GDF.

        We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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          Everything you do in graphic design has to have a purpose. Your career choice is all about the client's message. Even a Color Theory class exercise in monochromatic design should sell the message and a professor who isn't teaching function as well as execution is only doing half their job. There is no ''me'' in Graphic Design, so creating something that won't sell because it looks nice to you isn't going to fly. The colors might represent Australia to you, but if the object of the classwork is to ''design a postcard'' the implied objective is to design something that will sell the message.

          On the topic of eyedroppering colors, it can have its uses. In this instance though you leave your color output entirely up to whoever might print this. I realize this is a student project, probably being printed on a desktop inkjet for critique, but in the real world, it matters. With such a piece a proof would be highly recommended.

          On the subject of middle values, you have eyedroppered colors that are identifiable greens from the imagery. You have the middle of the spectrum. There are almost white greens and almost black greens in the photos, but you went with middle of the road greens because they spoke ''green'' to you. Again, design is NOT about your ART. It is about communication. Art is secondary and your preferences come in a very distant third. This is a lesson some graphic design students don't learn until they get out in the working world, and it hits them like a freight train. Start early to treat all of your art as the commodity it is going to be. Like a Kleenex, people will use it and throw it away (Seriously. The amount of graphic design I see going in dumpsters after a tradeshow would give you a whole new perspective on graphic design as a commodity.)
          Have solid reasons for everything you put into any design you create. ''Because I like it,'' isn't a solid reason.
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            Oh, and the poster... Cost is ALWAYS part of the brief. Stated or not. I realize this is a student piece and you don't know all the vagaries of the industry yet. I just tossed that out there because cost is always something you have to consider when working with clients. They all have a budget.

            Why a candle (it doesn't read as a candle and since you already use an orange, why is the flame black?)

            Clearer in PDF? It is still the same design even in PDF. If you are getting a serious shift in the output of your PDF, that's something that needs looking into.

            If a client gives you an image you'd rather not use, find a way to use it that isn't nearly dead center in the design. Just be sure to have a good reason for doing whatever you need to do to it to make it work.

            The reason I mentioned tie-ins, sometimes with an event there is a branded theme you have to work with. They may want to do a giveaway or they may have a schwag bag they're getting silkscreened. Again, I realize this is a student forum, but just tossing that out there to start you on the path to thinking that graphic design is not created in a vacuum. If someone interviews you to do a poster for an event, one of your questions should be about related items that may be needed for said event.
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              Thanks Print Driver - To explain my flyer, here is my rationale :

              A candle’s light is symbolic of both spiritual and psychological warmth, of consciousness and creative endeavours that shine a light that humanity can follow. Black is the dark, the unknowing ... but also the unknown, symbolising creativity that has not yet been tapped, existing in potentia. In this context, the candlelight represents the power of the human consciousness to retrieve creativity from its subconscious depths.
              On the reverse side the text ‘AgIdeas’ takes central place, denoting that it is through words/language that the human can shine their light upon others through speaking of their craft, sharing their insights. This relates to the idea that creativity inspires excellence, and that sharing excellence leads to creativity.
              The different colours stand for the different paths people take that allows their creativity to shine through, both inwardly and outwardly - the climb down and the corresponding climb out. Black serves as a metaphor and also acts as a unifier, linking the two sides of the flier and the textual elements upon the page.

              As for the postcard, it did not have to be monochrome. We used a camera to take photos, and basically, that is the landscape that I had access to and so, it really is what the colours of Australia are 'to me'. I'm doing a Print Processing Course, not graphic design, so, although I get where you are coming from in relation to 'saleability', it isn't quite as big an emphasis in this course. We're just learning to use InDesign and were exploring the use of colour and typeface, managing digital files and developing a basic design concept. I'm not aiming to add any more supply to the market, so you can rest assured that I'm not designing myself out of a job ... but I will definitely take on board your message that design is not about art, it is about communication. Thanks again for taking the time to consider my designs 😊






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