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How to set up a PDF portfolio?

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  • How to set up a PDF portfolio?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a good way to make a PDF portfolio. I'm applying for an internship in the field of graphic design and should present my works in a best possible way.
    I have been looking at tutorials and read many articles about this topic but somehow things seem confusing. Would be nice to hear some advice from someone who really knows about these things.

    Should it be an A4, 1920x1080 pixels or some other dimensions? What is a preferable PPI? Should I resize all images in Photoshop before placing them into In Design?
    I try to keep it low on file size and pictures as sharp as possible.

    Thank you!

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    Does the application for this job require your portfolio to be a PDF? How are you handing off this PDF? Is it going to be emailed? Uploaded to an FTP or cloud service? Downloaded from your portfolio website? Sent on a thumb drive or <gasp> an old fashioned DVD or CD? (bearing in mind that some computers no longer have drives to use these items.) How is it going to be viewed? (very doubtful it will be printed out, that's a waste of trees and consumables.) Are you going to be present when it is viewed and using it more as a powerpoint object or is it going in a pile of other portfolios viewed at the interviewer's leisure?

    It should definitely be a designed piece.

    As a general rule with design you do try to size your photos before placing them. Just be careful you don't undersize them then try to make them larger in InDesign later. If downsizing, always save a copy.


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      Hey PrintDriver, thank you for your answer.

      I don't have any portfolio website at the moment and I think the best way is to make a PDF that would be downloadable from a link. Dropbox or WeTransfer for example. I guess I won't be present when it's viewed and it's going in the pile of other portfolios of people applying for an internship. So it would be good for it to stand out in a way. It would probably be viewed from a screen and not printed out.


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