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Feedback for thumbnails on 2D 3D signage assignment

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  • Feedback for thumbnails on 2D 3D signage assignment

    Hi - I am looking for feedback on the attached thumbnails (my 3rd go at this project having been working on it for over 2 months now...). The brief is to create a 2D sign for print (i've chosen a window decal) and a 3D installation (I've chosen an A frame) for a small office (or shop, in my case) by way of reflecting my style as a designer and the business that I wish to develop. My business is in stationery and gifts, and will also specialise in hand illustrated wedding invitations appealing to the higher end of the market primarily made up of local 20 - 40 year old brides to be. I'm looking for a design that is feminine, romantic, rustic, and/or beautiful.
    All feedback would be gratefully received.
    Many thanks.
    Window Decal thumbnails A frame thumbnails - full colour or monotone?

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    When doing a window decal, you need to draw the art with no separation lines. ie where the treehouse joins the tree limb. Vinyl plotters are stupid machines. They follow every single line you feed into it. Even if it cuts through other shapes. Even lines you put behind other shapes will cut so using white to cover up art you don't want to see is a bad idea (and why we charge a set up fee.)

    On your A-frame sign. Quite honestly? This is a fail. The A-frame is an off the shelf item. Or maybe it is a custom made piece. Still, it is considered an ''attachment device'' similar to a nailing a poster to a wall. So basically you have another 2D piece here. A flat print with an attachment device. If your professor isn't gigging you on this, they shouldn't be teaching 3D signage....
    Now, if the logo elements and text are cut out of a dimensional product and glued or studded to a backer board then attached to an a-frame, that would probably qualify as 3D signage. The problem there lies in the portability. People steal stupid things, and nothing better than a very expensive little sign with 3D elements on it. Even better if the 3D elements contain letters that might be their first or last initial. Either set it in concrete, or chain it to a post, or kiss it goodbye.


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      Thanks for your feedback, PrintDriver. I will look again at the window decal and sort out the separation lines as you have suggested.

      I totally agree with your comments about the A frame- I was thinking the same as I was designing it (about it being a 2D piece). In fact, my trainer suggested it!! (perhaps I have misunderstood what they meant though - i will go back to them). Thanks again.


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        They are all just basically ''walls'' for you to attach your flat signage onto.


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          Yes - I think that you've hit the nail on the head regarding the sticking point that I've been having for months now (ie. that most of the "3D signs" i've seen are really just 2D signs on a wall).

          Rather than start again (for a fourth time) I think I'm going to see if I can embellish the A frame in the way you suggested before to make it actually 3D, and I'll just have to not worry about it getting nicked since it's all just fantasy anyway (i'll include it as a point in my reflective report instead!).

          Thanks for your time and feedback.






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