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    Hi everyone,
    To learn and improve on my skills, I use the contests over at freelancer as practice work and would love some feedback on a logo I've designed. The colours I'll use are either blue or green or both.

    (Information below is from the contest post as well as from their website)

    The Brief: We are an accounting firm in Australia, with over 50 years of history. Over the last few years, we have been transforming the business and think it is time for a new logo, a fresh logo, which speaks of us as a firm being nimble, responsive, advice and relationship based, tech savvy, young go get em team! I was thinking perhaps new corporate colours and a symbol, object or thing (no animals) which still gave us roots to our core values with clients, being trust, honesty,integrity etc. Something they could identify with to mean trust, integrity, etc see our brand anatomy here:

    A future where clients have reached their financial goals, guided by our advice and active participation in their business ventures.

    Using our skills and expertise to provide clients with extraordinary and timely financial services that make their day-to-day lives that little bit easier.

    • • We champion privately held businesses throughout Australia.
    • • That each client’s situation is unique and our services should be tailored accordingly.
    • • That personal attention will never become obsolete.
    • • That successful business relationships are based on solid personal connections.
    • • In giving our clients the confidence, tools and resources needed to realise their business goals.
    • • In being proactive by offering our clients advice not only suited to their current, but also their future, needs.
    • • In moving with the times and embracing technologies that offer sustainable value.
    • • In supporting our client’s visions and acting as long-term partners throughout their business and life journey.
    Further information: "Hi All, thanks for entries thus far, have been some excellent ones!
    I still haven't had one yet, with a symbol or object incorporated. I'd like to see something around navigation incorporated, such as an old maritime navigation tool / instrument?"
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    You know what. It's not the most intricate design in the least. But It's simple, clean, will print well with any method of print production.
    It has a stand along icon that's perfect. It's a logo that practical and applies well.


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      Thanks Biggs

      This is why I need to further my education... how intricate can one go with a logo without it becoming too intricate?


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        Great you will certainly make some professor proud but asides for the name what else does it mean?


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          Thanks for the feedback Dan, it is most appreciated.
          The symbolism I'm trying to portray with this is the location pointer in the R for navigation and guidance; and the two lines which make up the K represent direction and graphs.


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            A company that's been in business for 50 years is using a contest to determine their new logo? You'd think a company that's been in business that long would value their brand more.

            Since you're a student I'll give you some advice you may not have heard yet; stay away from design contests. These contest are a bad idea for the designer and the company paying for their logo, for many reasons.

            A couple reasons why these contests hurt you as a designer are:

            1. The entire design process is not indicative of a company hiring a design firm or even using an in-house designer. This results in you developing bad habits as a young designer that never get addressed until the day you enter the real work force.

            2. You work for scraps, and when companies see this they de-value graphic design as a whole. If they can pay $5, $20, even $100 and have multiple designers vying for their project, then they will never consider giving their business to a design agency or hiring an in-house employee; hell or even hiring a legitimate freelancer.

            As far as the logo is concerned, for me the symbol feels too big and bulky; it overpowers and takes away from the name. Also, the symbol seems forgettable. Nothing incredibly unique about it that would make me remember the company. Not to sound harsh as I know you are just learning, but I would be more interested in seeing your thumbnails of the logo, if you went through that procedure. Your thumbnails can help get all your ideas out quickly and give you a better overview on what works and what doesn't.

            Good luck young padawan.
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            • KitchWitch
              KitchWitch commented
              Editing a comment
              The OP isn't entering the contest (unless I misunderstood), just using the briefs from that site to practice.

            • calebninja
              calebninja commented
              Editing a comment
              Hopefully not lol. I still think students and young designers need to be made aware of cons to using these contests.

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            In v1, my first impression was a person peeking out from behind a wall and waving. Not sure if that's what you were going for, but now I can't un-see it. I don't see that in v2.
            Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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              calebninja Thank you so much for your feedback, it is not harsh at all (I prefer an honest critique over a sugar coated one)!
              I'm definitely not entering the contest (for those exact reasons you've posted - I've read many articles which have helped me realise why it is a bad idea to A-enter those contests and B-work with no guarantees of getting paid) and am only using the briefs to practice on

              I will gladly upload my sketches and screens of my AI artboard. This specific design happened while I was refining another design in AI so I do not have a sketch for this one, but perhaps you see something in one of my others that I did not see (I will do so tomorrow though as my SO will be coming home any minute now)

              KitchWitch now that you mention it, I see it too lol, it was unintentional.

              I've just completed the introductory design course and will be moving on to the advanced (which I'm presuming is similar to a foundation in design) course next week. Once I've completed that (it will be finished in 3 months), I should have built up enough of a portfolio to apply for further education via a university.


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                Well, i'll say you're doing better than I did after my first intro class. I'm 12 years down the road now - and I honestly can say Simple and Clean will trump all. I mentioned it "wasn't intricate" and that wasn't necessarily a negative comment.

                As a graphic artist for the print industry I see hundred of logos and designs a year that never make it to press. Detail that cannot be captured, hair line registry that the client wont pay for, so many PMS colors that cant be matched digitally and once again too expensive to print offset.

                This logo is just fine for however you wish to produce it. I like the icon, its catchy.


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                  I know many companies who open the door for novice designers to have a stab at creating a new brand for them. It's a gesture of humility from company - and gives a new designer a chance to catch a break in this competitive field. There's no better portfolio piece than an accepted logo from an established, international company. It's doesn't mean they don't care about their branding.


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                    If I were a company willing to give a young designer a break, I'd approach a design school, not an online market where the ''young designer'' may only be an inexperienced hobbyist or nephew-with-photoshop.


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                      Biggs097 I highly doubt many companies are using design contest websites to help build novice designer portfolios. Unless the company is centered around design i.e. design firm, ad agency, etc. I can't imagine the company heads holding a meeting of how they can help inexperienced designers gain some exposure.


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                        Biggs097 I doubt they're the kind who care... I think for them it's more about money. I've experienced that kind of person a lot in my corporate days.... firms care more about bottom line than they do about spending money on marketing / advertising / design.
                        My previous boss had me design our adverts and brochures, and I was responsible for photography (and in the beginning my designs were terrible and probably did more harm than good) - this was in the motor industry.
                        I'm not entirely new to GD, I just don't have a formal education nor all the skills required yet.

                        calebninja here are my sketches and a screen of my artboard. *runs away* LOL (don't ask about the "toes" :P)
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                          Max attachment upload is 5, so posting the rest...
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                            Hey, these are great! I'm glad to see you put some effort into your thumbnails.

                            I think I am understanding your thought process on some of these. For example, on pdf 0005 it looks like you were trying to incorporate that navigation tool into the RK initials.

                            You've sketched out a lot of ideas here, which ones do you think represent the firm being nimble and responsive the best?

                            When I think of the word "nimble" I think of something that is able to react to a situation quickly. Which goes hand in hand when I think of responsive as something being able to adapt to an environment. With the clients additional thoughts about possibly using the sea navigation tool, what other elements of a ship could represent what the client is looking for? Maybe the ship itself?

                            You seem to be fixated on incorporating the firm's initials. Now this may be something they like if they are presented with it, but since you won't be in contact with the client we can only go off of this initial brief. I don't see in the brief where they mentioned having the initials incorporated into a logo.

                            These are just some things to think about.






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