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Is Assymetrical strucutre MODERN??

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  • Is Assymetrical strucutre MODERN??

    "After setting the outside margins at 10mm. from
    the edges of the paper, we will divide the space in
    three columns, leaving the left one blank for the
    use of a logo, or names, or just empty space.
    The remaining two columns will be for the text.
    The overall asymmetrical layout conveys a feeling
    of modernity." - from The Vignelli Canon

    I was wondering whether this info is valid or not and whether the picture looks like a modern layout. Please do try to elaborate.

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    I haven't studied this yet, but to me it feels more modern and is a lot easier to read as well


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      Asymmetrical layouts are likely more common than they were a hundred years ago. Whether or not that qualifies asymmetry as looking modern is probably a matter of opinion. The letterhead layout you've shown wouldn't have looked out of place in the 1970s, but it looks equally current today.

      You didn't ask about this, but a bigger problem is functionality. Letters often exceed the amount of space you've allocated for text in this letterhead. What would a second page look like?

      Also, the outside margins should probably be wider than ten millimeters. It's not only a matter of visual claustrophobia with the imagery hugging the edges too tightly (things need to feel as though they can breathe); it's also a matter of printing tolerances in that the imagery might get pushed even closer to the edge during the trimming process at the printer. If the entire thing will be printed out of an office printer, depending on the machine involved, the imagery being that close to the edge might push it out of the machines printable area.






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