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  • Grids, Margins, Columns and Modules

    The word module is giving me a hard time.
    I looked up the meaning and here's what it was displayed:
    each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure, such as an item of furniture or a building.
    an independent self-contained unit of a spacecraft.
    any of a number of distinct but interrelated units from which a program may be built up or into which a complex activity may be analyzed."

    I'm really not understanding what is "MODULE" in terms of graphic design.

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    I've never heard the word module used in the context of grids, margins and columns. In web design, a module is a common term for a pre-built object that gets plunked down onto specific pages in a content management system (CMS). In typography and print design, however, I've never heard the word used to describe anything.

    Looking at the letterhead layout in your other post, perhaps your instructor or textbook is considering the individual blocks created by a grid as modules. I mean, that's what I might call them if someone asked, but I've never heard someone refer to them using that term (or any other term, for that matter).
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      The only time I've heard it used in reference to design is to describe a subsection of the course of study, as in, as part of a semester class in Typography the professor may say, ''in this module we will be studying how typography can relate to the grid.''






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