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    I'm a federal employee who's been in HR for over 10 years. But I've realized that I need to do something more fulfilling with my career and I've decided to venture into graphic design because I absolutely LOVE designing things at work. But in order to continue my career in the federal service, I have to have both undergraduate and graduate level education in commercial art, fine arts, art history, industrial design, architecture, drafting, interior design, photography, visual communication, or other related fields. So my question for the forum is - can you recommend any schools that have both undergraduate AND graduate level degrees in graphic design, visual communication, or similar online? My husband and I will be going overseas for two years and I'll need to get my degree online.

    Thank you for any help!

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    I suspect others will disagree, but I can't recommend any online programs in graphic design, even though many exist. The most valuable part of the learning experience comes from the interaction with fellow students, instructors and the cross-pollination that happens as a result of it -- especially in the critiques.

    From a practical standpoint, a graduate degree in graphic design (MFA) is a waste of time. I'm speaking from experience because I have one of those degrees from a big state university.

    Even so, I realize that state and federal job pay scales are often tied, in part, to degrees -- even meaningless ones. If you do get an undergraduate degree in graphic design and still need the graduate degree, I would strongly recommend getting it in a related field, like communication or marketing. Westminster College, here in Salt Lake City, offers a Master of Strategic Communication degree. It's a well-respected, long-established brick and mortar school that's ventured into an online presence. Even though it's online, it's still, if I remember right, a $30,000 to 40,000 commitment ( ) I'm certain there are other graduate programs available online in closely related fields, but this is the only one I know about that I can actually recommend.

    As for online, undergraduate graphic design programs, like I said, I can't recommend any for the reasons I already gave. However, be very careful in choosing if you really decide to head down this road. Make sure the school is well-established, credible and is fully accredited. There are a whole lot of for-profit online programs that have popped up over the past few years that, in my opinion, are little more than money-making scams that churn out ill-prepared designers into an already oversaturated job environment.


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