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What should I do? Problem figuring out what would be more economical to spend on?

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  • What should I do? Problem figuring out what would be more economical to spend on?

    I believe finally my parents are convinced that my passion for graphic design has created value for me no matter what others think. They are willing to invest into my desire to grow my corporate identity creation and poster design business. So what should I do. Should I start by spending on online courses? Buying a domain? A new build? Buy books on graphic design? Spending on social media tools? I really am not being able to figure out my course of actions? Please keep in mind that I live in a developing country so the fund is pretty limited.

    I believe this question is sensible. If it wasn't then I'm sorry


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    Are there any in-person courses you can take? Online courses are okay, but being able to interact with live people in a classroom setting will give you much better experience.
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      If you have a passion, you should definitely pursue it. In this business, those lacking passion, usually don't make it.

      Most of the forum member here are from North America , Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.. In addition, most of us are either working professionals and out on our own or studying design at a university.

      Your parents apparently have a big say in your life, so I'm guessing you're a teenager. In your other posts, you've mentioned being from a part of the world where a formal design education (university) might not be a practical option and that most working professionals are self-taught.

      The considerable differences between your situation and that of the others here makes it difficult to give you relevant advice on what you should do to best pursue your interests in design.

      Do you have longer-term goals, like being a professional graphic designer as your life's work? Is this a viable profession where you live? Can you make a good living doing it? Your work that you've shown us has a decidedly Western look, as though you've been studying it and trying to emulate it, yet you're not from a Western country. Are the professional designers in your area also designing for a Western audience or do they tend to reflect the local culture? Would you be marketing your design services locally or internationally via the Internet? All this considered, do you have a longer-term strategy that takes all this into consideration and outlines a plan to make it work?

      I'm not really asking for answers to all those questions and observations, but I am suggesting that you ask yourself these questions and think about your particular situation and what might be realistic and what might require some long-term planning to get there. For one thing, if you still are a teenager, you've still got some growing up to do and some time to consider things. In a couple of years, you just might decide to do something different. If you're in your 20s, on the other hand, it's time to get serious.

      I completely agree with KitchWitch about classroom interactions being extremely important for learning design. But if local design classes or school aren't options for you at the moment, take some good online classes if you can afford them. Get some design books and study what others are doing. Are there local affiliations of designers where you live that you can get involved with? Are there meet-up groups of some kind where designers in your area get together? If not, can you start one up? Are there any local good, qualified, professional designers that could use a little help and who might be willing to mentor you?

      I'm suggesting here, with design school not being an immediate option for you, that you do what's possible to get involved with others in your area from whom you can learn. This forum can help you do some of that, but you also need the face-to-face interactions and critical feedback from those who more fully understand your situation than you might be able to get from a bunch of strangers in the United States who have been working in this field for dozens of years (like me).


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        I'm 17. I do not think my passion is going to change because to be honest since the time I was a kid I found computer graphics pretty dope. It's just that last year I got involved in it. At first I thought I could be a jack of all trades so I got started by learning blender, c4d, photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, after effects,etc. Unfortunately, after getting kicked out of 99Designs for creating crappy designs which most designers here at these kinda sites do, I realized what real graphic design is and I started to specialize in corporate identity and poster design. There was time for all these to happen because I've sort of given up a ton of things like friends, caring about what other's think, etc.

        I believe I can't turn back and I'm not even willing to do so because I've put in too much. All I want out of life is being able to do what I love to do and getting paid for what I love to do rather than following the conventional path.





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