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  • A2 to A6 Brochure

    Hi guys.
    I have to create a depliant that is A2 when totally opened and A6 when folded, so you can read small pages each time.
    How can I do it? Any possibilities?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Andrejpmota and welcome to GDF.

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      I needed to look up what a depliant was, and it seems to be a flyer or leaflet in English.

      There are only so many way you can fold an A2 sheet of paper into an A6 size, and you're going to end up with 16 A6-sized panels on each side of the A2 sheet if I'm figuring right. It might involve a series of gate folds or, possibly a couple of gate folds and an accordion fold.

      But however you choose to do it depends on the nature of the "depliant." Does it need to be completely unfolded to be read? Do the graphic elements all need to be confined to individual panels? Can the graphics and type spread over the folds? At each stage of the unfolding process, is there a separate message.

      What I'm really saying here is there's no way to answer your question without knowing the nature of the flyer you're creating.

      Another messy little problem is that folds inside of folds always create sizing issues. For example, when you fold a letter into thirds, the inside panel needs to be a little smaller than the outside panel in order for it to fit. When you're dealing with multiple folds, like in your situation, it can turn into a problem that depends on how you choose to fold it and also the thickness of the paper and how well it folds.

      Given that it's a difficult problem, you might want to ask your printer. They might even be able to supply you with a folding template.






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