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I need advice on this college branding project please.

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  • I need advice on this college branding project please.

    Hello, This is a branding project ( card- poster- flyer- logo) for an advertising agency.
    I think the poster is a bit childish. I don’t like it and I don’t know what to do. Please help.
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    Hi Bassmamh and welcome to GDF.

    This is your work, correct?

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      I actually like it! The idea is nice and creative! I feel like you can change it a bit with more eye-catching forms because those are kind of boring & simple. I am not a pro though


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        Did you design the logo?
        I really have half a mind to cut out some excrutiatingly difficult logos to weed in vinyl and send em out as kits to classes being taut in logo design. You get graded on how many pieces you don't lose or misplace. Then maybe logo designers would appreciate the production processes more.

        On the poster, how much layout sketching did you do? This looks exactly like the artwork of someone who is trying to be creative in Illustrator but is allowing the software to limit their creative ability. Step away from the software so it doesn't limit your creative process. Do some sketching. Get past the bad ideas and maybe some better ones will come to mind.


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          The gadget clasping the person's head clashes in terms of style with the rest of the artwork. The drawing of the man is so simplistic that it comes across as a bit silly, which again clashes with the weird imagery of him being hung by his head in front of an audience.

          I really don't understand the concept you're going after. Are you suggesting that a man being plucked out of a crowd by his head and hoisted into the air is a good metaphor for how an ad agency can make "you STAND OUT!"? Um, I don't know. The weird combination of child-like silliness and creepiness, might work if it were intentional and done right, but I suspect you really weren't intending that.






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