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  • Assessment Questions help!

    Okay so im currently studying at Open colleges and just wondering if any Industry professionals could answer these questions?
    -When are current trends in the Graphic Design industry?
    -Have you been inspired by surrealism in your Graphic Design?
    -What are some colour trends in the graphic design industry at the moment?

    Thanks in advance if anyone sees this!

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    Hi CheridaMachen. Welcome to the forum!

    The first few posts from every new forum member are moderated, so a moderator, like me, needs to approve them. Since there's not always a moderator online, sometimes it takes a little while. There's no need to post the same thing more than once.

    Here are some links to the forum rules.

    As for your questions, I've never paid much attention to trends. They come and go. It's important to stay current, but that's different from following trends. In my opinion, good designers should strive to be trendsetters, not followers.

    I've always been fond of surrealism, but I don't think my liking of it is reflected in my work. Graphic design is more about finding solutions to client problems. When one takes that approach, the style that's delivered is whatever style is needed to successfully engage the target audience and accomplish the client's objectives.


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      Sorry im new here i thought there was an issue why it wasnt posting didnt realised it needed to be approved but thanks!


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        No problem. The forum software doesn't make it as clear as it should.

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      Some not fast enough. (grunge for instance)
      As far as trends go, the idea is to be the trendsetter, not a trend copier. Lead. Don't follow.

      Why surrealism in particular? If you think about it, most design is a little bit surreal just because of the types of juxtapositions used to get a point across.
      As far as surreal artists go, Mark Tansy has to be my absolute favorite. At the other end of the spectrum, de Chirico would be my second favorite. Neither style is particularly suited to marketable graphic design. Graphic design isn't about YOUR likes or dislikes. It's all about what will be successful for the clients' messaging.

      Color trends are funny. Just yesterday I cleaned my desk all the way down to the hard surface and had a handful of Pantone chips I'd pulled for color matching over the last several months. Should'a' taken a snapshot of the pile as that's a pretty good indication of what my client trends are. However... the trends in my industry may not match the trends in yours. Just because my clients are into earthy greens and browns, reds and orange-yellows to sell their message (which actually had nothing to do with the fact that it is autumn) doesn't mean that those colors are going to sell your clients' products. There are no industry wide trends. Only market segments. Part of the game is knowing to what segment your clients belong.

      (BTW, we used to get points among my study group in school if we could wrangle the word 'juxtaposition' into an in-class answer. LOL)
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        Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
        ...the game is knowing to what segment your clients belong.
        Not to mention your clients' clients.
        I'd rather be killed than come to your party, but if you don't invite me, I'll kill myself.


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          Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
          As far as surreal artists go, Mark Tansy has to be my absolute favorite.
          I remember first seeing Triumph of the New York School --and remember the moment I "got" it.
          Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.






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