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Suggestions for free resources to get better at logo design.

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  • Suggestions for free resources to get better at logo design.

    A few days ago some of the designers from this forum suggested that the 30 day logo challenge was not an effective method to get better at logo design. So I was wondering what other free resources should I use to get better at logo design? Please provide links to a few of them.

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    Getting ''better'' at logo design is more a matter of study than flailing in the wild. Study logos and see why the work, or don't work. Each logo is unique to the client and demographic. There is no real way to improve without real world practice.
    The best thing I can suggest is...get a job working for someone that can show you the dos and don'ts. A sign shop with a design department where you work as a junior designer would be ideal. That way you'd get the full blunt force trauma of having to actually physically produce the logo artwork you, and other outside designers, create.


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      Originally posted by Thug-D View Post
      ...suggested that the 30 day logo challenge was not an effective method to get better at logo design.
      I wouldn't say that it was bad or ineffective. Instead, I'd say that it's an incomplete way to learn and tends to favor aesthetics over practicality and client relationships.

      Personally, I dislike designing logos. It's not that creating a nice-looking mark is especially difficult. Instead, it's everything else that goes into it, which mostly boils down clients misunderstanding the purpose of a logo and tending to micromanage the very thing they know the least about. Clients stress out over their logos and seemingly do everything within their power to ensure that they turn out worse than they might have been.

      That 30-day challenge doesn't confront you with clients who say things, like...
      • "I like it, but can you add a drawing of a duck in there somewhere. I really like ducks."
      • "Make it POP more! Make it literally EXPLODE of the page!"
      • "My wife's niece, who took an art class in high school last year, says it's boring."
      • "You want to charge me how much for something it looks like you sketched out in five minutes and that I could draw myself?"
      • "There aren't enough colors in it. I want lots of happiness and sunshine."
      • "Can you draw up ten or twenty variations of that?"
      • "All I need is a logo. I don't want you nickle and diming me over this branding crap you keep bring up."
      • "Make it glow in the dark with pulsating rays coming out of it."
      • "One of our 24 board members thinks it looks like a piece of dog poop. It won't work for us until they all agree."
      • "Chinese people might not like it."
      • "I showed it to my employees and told them I hated it. They immediately agreed with me, so I know it sucks!"
      • "Can I pay for this with discount movie coupons once we start using it down the road?"
      • "I know I told you this was for just for my pest control company, but I'm getting into the lingerie business too."
      • "I want you to draw a shopping cart full of houses, with an average three-person family pushing it followed by a golden retriever."
      • "I'm going to sue you if this ends up looking like some other logo somewhere else in the world."

      In case you think I just made up this stuff, each one of these things has happened to me, in one form or another, over the years. If your 30-day logo challenge throws this kind of stuff at you, maybe it's a better course than I think.






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