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    Looking for some feedback on my 1st Assessment piece for my Graphic Design Course. We had to pick 1 of 3 charities of which I chose The Smith Family and design a T-Shirt and Poster to promote their work. The T-Shirt and Poster had to reflect each other as the part of the same campaign. The Smith Family work with disadvantaged families in Australia with the focus of Children. Research on their website has indicated that 1 in 7 Australian Children are disadvantaged and require help. The focus on providing this support is via Child Sponsorship to provide emotional and financial help to assist the child complete their education and reach their full potential. A current TV campaign running at present represents a child who does not have the correct uniform and cannot go on a school excursion as her family cannot afford it, so she feels excluded. The internet site advises that disadvantaged children feel Different, Isolated and Excluded. Their other programs are Learning for Life which is additional external support to help them with their education (provided mostly by volunteers) and Student 2 Student where 2 disadvantaged children are matched to help each other with their reading skills (as well as being able to identify with each other). Another option after Sponsoring and Volunteering is via Donation. My first 2 concepts are both based on the 1 in 7 disadvantaged children and I am trying to represent this by having 7 similar objects in the design with one being different to the rest (ie 6 blue & 1 red to reflect corporate colours of The Smith Family). I have been focused on the concept of 7 paper dolls in concept 1 as Paper Dolls are an activity done mostly by children as well as they can represent children. I have carried this over to concept 2 with 1 design. Concept 3 I have focused on the Learning for Life and Student2Student programs. TSF believe that education will break the cycle of poverty, and that is the reason that the majority of support is in the education of the child. Can you please provide feedback of if you think the concepts work and what do you think would be the most effective in relaying the message. I have also gone for fonts that are child like in most of the designs to reflect working with kids. Click image for larger version

Name:	Concept 1 small.jpg
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Name:	Poster concept 1_ small.jpg
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      Just looking at this from the outside, without doing any research...
      Why the emphasis on isolating singularities?
      Why the emphasis on the word ''disadvantaged''?
      Why not emphasize inclusion and acceptance of financial diversity.
      Don't get me started on school uniforms....

      Don't get too messy with that font. You are, after all ,appealing to adults for their support.






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